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Christina Karakoglou is the founder and owner of Fos Swimwear, a luxury brand of handmade swimsuits, hand-crafted crystal earrings and one of a kind accessories for women who value a timeless aesthetic. Influenced by Greek culture and ancient mythology, Fos swimsuits were designed to enhance self-confidence and reveal a women's inner Goddess. Each named for a Greek deity, they combine modern appeal with old-world mystery for women who crave a unique shopping experience.


Raised by a hard-working Greek family, Christina draws inspiration from her parents; both entrepreneurs in their own right. Her mother started a tile and design company which she grew into a successful business with multiple locations along the New Jersey Shore.


Operating Fos Swimwear is truly a labor of love for Christina who puts her heart into every aspect of the brand. Fos, the Greek word for "light", is one of the main themes behind Christina's imagination. From the finer fabrics used to make her swimsuits, to the natural ingredients found in her skincare products, Christina wants her clients to experience a sense of celestial divinity. Christina also draws upon her cultural roots and personal experience by incorporating beauty secrets from Kalamata and the island of Santorini; the birth places of her family. 


Confidence. Light. Elegance. Strength. 


At its core, Fos Swimwear was created for women who want to do something for themselves. Our clients should not only expect high quality products, designed and manufactured here in the USA; but an invigorating experience - one which encourages you to be a better version of yourself. Classy boutique designs and natural ingredients for women with modern flair and timeless style. 


Let your inner fos shine for all to see.

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