The shimmering blue watered sea, white washed architecture and ornate ancient temples to the naked eye is what makes Greece unique. The collection of islands although are holding history of ancient skincare practices. The ancient Greeks were lovers of beauty. Cosmetics comes from the Greek word kosmetikos which originated in the 17th century. Through the islands we find secrets we may still use today.

You may be aware of the proven beauty secrets of The Greek island of Crete. From the fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains, the Cretan islanders have been using olive oil as a precious elixir for natural skincare. Sun, wind, or temperatures in between, massage a small amount of olive oil to the face giving your skin simple hydration and a Grecian glow. In Greek Mythology we often hear, “Pretty as Aphrodite”. Aphrodite herself knew all about the benefits of olive oil that Homer described as “liquid gold'. The untouched land of Crete is home to 30 million olive trees. The Cretans have been cultivating the olive tree since 3500 BC during the early ancient civilization of the Minoan period. What olive oil you may ask? Cretan Olive Oil. Mixed with hillside herbs which protect and heal.