How do we avoid faded color, see through fabric and poor stitching?

It is time to swap your low-quality disposable swimwear from high quality pieces that wear perfect no matter how many washes! Follow these steps when shopping..


Thread is an important aspect to ensure high quality while creating long lasting pieces. Avoid cotton thread which becomes weak in chlorine and salt water. Fos uses wooly nylon which is resilient. Making the perfect swim and everyday tops and bodysuits. Fos Swimwear designs only seamless swimsuits. Our design hugs you in all the right places.


You can tell by feel if it is quality or not. Fabric that is poor quality is made of light material and thin liner which gives minimal support. A poor choice in swimwear fabric, might become heavy with too much absorbed water, or even become transparent when wet. The inside and outside fabric should be the same. Double lined fabric feels best on and lasts forever.


Finding the right size can be a struggle. It is important to feel like yourself, be comfortable and free to move around all day long. Fos swimsuits are made to fit snug when dry. Our sizing ranges from zero to twelve. Having seven sizes instead of the basic small, medium and large ensures a wider variety for our clients, so they can find the perfect fit.

At its core, Fos Swimwear was created for women who want to do something for themselves. Our clients should not only expect high quality products, designed and manufactured here in the USA; but an invigorating experience - one which encourages you to be a better version of yourself. Classy boutique designs and natural ingredients for women with modern flair and timeless style.

Let your inner Fos shine for all to see.